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Edly.io – LMS and CMS in a single SaaS

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    • PHP, Python
    • Python, PHP, Django, WordPress, Docker, AWS
    • Arbisoft (arbisoft.com)

Edly is one of the more ambitious in-house products developed by Arbisoft. I was included in the founding team of the product. The idea was to have an integration between WordPress and Open edX. WordPress would act as the content management system while Open edX would function as the learning management system. Both systems, coupled with a dashboard, would deploy as a single unit for each customer.

A combination of the CMS and LMS in a single SaaS package would give customers a single platform for all of their online education needs.

I initially worked on developing the WordPress side of things. I used the WP REST API to enable communication between Open edX and WP. I also built a custom version of the Open edX devstack to enable faster dev environment setup for engineers. I worked on the product for several months before leaving Arbisoft to join Jumpcut, Inc.

The product went on to become a success and is still offered by Arbisoft.