creatives.club - homepage

Creatives Club – LinkedIn for Video Professionals

  • Node.js, Express.js, Feathers.js, React, MobX, Next.js, Ansible, AWS, socket.io
learninghub.pk - home page

Learning Hub – Multi-tenant Learning Management System

  • PHP, Node.js, WordPress, Moodle, AWS, FFmpeg, Video Encoding and Encryption
edly.io - homepage

Edly.io – LMS and CMS in a single SaaS

  • Python, PHP, Django, WordPress, Docker, AWS
Fill in Pro - homepage

Fill in Pro – Job Board and Recruitment Platform

  • Python, Frappe, AWS, PostgreSQL, Vue.js

Jumpcut Inc. – Landing Pages for a YCombinator Startup

  • PHP, Laravel, React, Next.js, Google Tag Manager, MySQL, Apache, AWS

Philanthropy University – LMS for a Global Non-Profit Organization

  • Python, Django, PHP, WordPress, Node.js, AWS, MySQL, Redis

Twinner GmbH – The best way to sell your car

  • Node.js, Express.js, Vue.js, SQL Server, Docker, Kubernetes, Shopify
bluyam.com - cropped homepage

Bluyam – Video Ads for Startups

  • JavaScript, React, Next.js, Node.js, Vercel