Philanthropy University – LMS for a Global Non-Profit Organization

    • JavaScript & Node.js, Python
    • Python, Django, PHP, WordPress, Node.js, AWS, MySQL, Redis

Philanthropy University was the first project I worked on as a professional software engineer. The project involved integrating Open edX and NodeBB to build a world-class learning management system with integrated forum discussions. I learned about scalability, server-to-server API design and authentication, secure single sign-on and DevOps while working on the project.

My most notable contributions were:

  • Session sharing and single sign-on between Open edX and NodeBB
  • Writing a custom ETL pipeline using Python and the Django ORM
  • Enabling embedded NodeBB discussions in Open edX courses through an iframe integration
  • Query optimization of MongoDB resulting in massively reduced CPU usage
  • Custom theme development for Open edX (This one is way harder than it sounds.)
  • Countless customizations and feature development on both Open edX and NodeBB

When we started the product had 0 users. We managed to scale it to over 150,000 users before I left Arbisoft.

Screenshots: - home page - courses page - settings page - course details page - course content page - course details page 2 - embedded discussion page - communities page - forum page - about page