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Twinner GmbH was the first client of Arbisoft’s German division, Arbisoft GmbH. Muhammad Zeeshan was made the director of Arbisoft GmbH and I worked with him to develop the B2C version of Twinner’s product.


  1. I set up the architecture of the application from scratch using Node.js, Feathers.js, Knex.js, SQL Server and a bit of Vue.js. The codebase included unit tests, integration tests, API documentation, and e2e testing.
  2. My team and I received a consistent 100/100 NPS score from Twinner GmbH.
  3. Twinner’s CEO sent my team autographed posters appreciating our work. (Good luck beating this one.)

The Story

Twinner has developed an AI-enabled car scanner. Their product scans your car, inside and out, and then uses AI to detect any defects in the car. The report generated by the AI scanner is then sent to the user. The product was primarily used for B2B contracts with large car manufacturers and other transport companies.

My team and I were given the task of building a consumer-facing web application to tap into the B2C sector.

I set up the early architecture. I used Node.js, Express.js and Feathers.js for the API layer. Jest for unit and integration testing. Cypress for e2e testing. Knex.js and SQL Server for the database layer.

The web application is integrated with Auth0 for authentication, Shopify for payment processing and Webflow for marketing. We built a booking UI that was integrated with our Webflow landing page.

A user would book a lot using our web app. He would then drive his car to the AI scanner at the designated location and time. The AI scanner would scan the car and generate a report. The report would then be displayed on the Web app in an easy-to-read way. I have attached screenshots of the report here.

Twinner GmbH was so satisfied with our work that their CEO sent autographed pictures to our team in appreciation of our work. I personally received an autographed picture from Silvan.

Autographed picture by the CEO of Twinner GmbH

Here are some screenshots of the application. - home page - booking UI - login page - bookings page - report specifications page - equipment reports page - inspection report page