UC San Diego – Open Source User Analytics Pipeline

This was another project I worked on while working at Arbisoft. The University of California San Diego wanted to use the Open edX platform to run their online education programs. However, they wanted to improve the user analytics of the platform. They wanted to do that by making the Open edX platform conform to the IMS Caliper Analytics specification.

I was put in charge of a team of five engineers. It was my first experience leading a team. Fortunately, the engineers were very talented.

I set up the testing infrastructure. We got to work and structured the code as a plug-and-play extension of the Open edX platform. The extension also integrated with Apache Kafka to enable streaming to multiple consumer applications.

The code was open-sourced and released as a PyPI package. UC San Diego also publicly acknowledged our contributions.

Certificate URL: https://today.ucsd.edu/story/uc_san_diego_updates_edx_platform_to_improve_online_learning_experience


The project was also certified by the IMS Global Learning Consortium.


UC San Diego - Caliper Certification