A Lazier Place

Now I think I kind of know why I chose that name in the first place. Or why it magically popped up in my head at work a few months back. It’s because I’m lazy! The proof of that being that I had two projects that had to be done by tomorrow and I had a complete week to do them but instead what I kept doing was reading The Seven Deadly Sins manga (150 chapters in 10 hours straight) while hoping that somehow it would magically get done by the deadline. I still haven’t started building the widget that my client had ordered a week ago but in the meantime, I created an open-source project starter kit to help me in building said widget. Here take a look. It really surprises me that whenever I try to get any work done I spend more time configuring my workflow rather than doing the actual work. I guess that’s just my mind’s way of keeping me from doing anything actually worthwhile. Anyways, after procrastinating an entire month after setting up this site (still not done) I finally managed to write this post. I hope I can get the chance to write more stuff like this or actually, better content than this in the future. That is, if my laziness doesn’t get the best of me.