How to save custom settings for your WordPress plugin

I used to build WordPress plugins and front-end apps for my freelance clients. Many times I had to make the WordPress plugin configurable through the WordPress dashboard. There are several ways to do this, but the recommended approach is to use the WordPress Settings API. In this post I’ll guide you through on how to … Read more

The Web in a Nutshell

It’s a strange thing, the internet. I first encountered it when I was just a little boy. My maternal grandfather (may he rest in peace) was talking to his son/my uncle who was in Saudi Arabia at that time. And I was absolutely stunned that as my grandfather pressed ‘Enter’, my uncle could see what … Read more

A Lazier Place

Now I think I kind of know why I chose that name in the first place. Or why it magically popped up in my head at work a few months back. It’s because I’m lazy! The proof of that being that I had two projects that had to be done by tomorrow and I had … Read more