Jumpcut Inc. – Landing Pages for a YCombinator Startup

I was responsible for maintaining Jumpcut’s AWS infrastructure which included their main website throughout 2020. I managed many of the content updates, redirections and server optimizations of the website. I also made changes and updates to the various landing pages on the site. I also fixed their integration with Google Tag Manager which resulted in … Read more

Edly.io – LMS and CMS in a single SaaS

edly.io - homepage

Edly is one of the more ambitious in-house products developed by Arbisoft. I was included in the founding team of the product. The idea was to have an integration between WordPress and Open edX. WordPress would act as the content management system while Open edX would function as the learning management system. Both systems, coupled … Read more

Learning Hub – Multi-tenant Learning Management System

learninghub.pk - home page

Learning Hub is the product I have worked on the longest and probably the one I learned most from. I came in at a time when the company was in shambles. They had a ton of tech debt, only one paying customer, their infrastructure couldn’t scale and their revenue per user was in the negative. … Read more