Bluyam – Video Ads for Startups - cropped homepage

Blu yam is the agency division of Jumpcut Inc. It is an agency that develops video ads for startups and runs the ads across social media. Julian and I developed the landing page for Blu yam and hosted it on Vercel.

Twinner GmbH – The best way to sell your car

Twinner GmbH was the first client of Arbisoft’s German division, Arbisoft GmbH. Muhammad Zeeshan was made the director of Arbisoft GmbH and I worked with him to develop the B2C version of Twinner’s product. Achievements I set up the architecture of the application from scratch using Node.js, Feathers.js, Knex.js, SQL Server and a bit of … Read more

Philanthropy University – LMS for a Global Non-Profit Organization

Philanthropy University was the first project I worked on as a professional software engineer. The project involved integrating Open edX and NodeBB to build a world-class learning management system with integrated forum discussions. I learned about scalability, server-to-server API design and authentication, secure single sign-on and DevOps while working on the project. My most notable … Read more

Jumpcut Inc. – Landing Pages for a YCombinator Startup

I was responsible for maintaining Jumpcut’s AWS infrastructure which included their main website throughout 2020. I managed many of the content updates, redirections and server optimizations of the website. I also made changes and updates to the various landing pages on the site. I also fixed their integration with Google Tag Manager which resulted in … Read more

Creatives Club – LinkedIn for Video Professionals - homepage

Creatives Club was a social networking application. The goal was to have a place where any creative professionals could showcase their videography and photography projects. Achievements I automated the deployments of the API server within one week. I wrote a custom CI/CD pipeline using CircleCI, Ansible, and AWS. My team and I delivered the entire … Read more