UC San Diego – Open Source User Analytics Pipeline

This was another project I worked on while working at Arbisoft. The University of California San Diego wanted to use the Open edX platform to run their online education programs. However, they wanted to improve the user analytics of the platform. They wanted to do that by making the Open edX platform conform to the … Read more

Philanthropy University – LMS for a Global Non-Profit Organization

Philanthropy University was the first project I worked on as a professional software engineer. The project involved integrating Open edX and NodeBB to build a world-class learning management system with integrated forum discussions. I learned about scalability, server-to-server API design and authentication, secure single sign-on and DevOps while working on the project. My most notable … Read more

Edly.io – LMS and CMS in a single SaaS

edly.io - homepage

Edly is one of the more ambitious in-house products developed by Arbisoft. I was included in the founding team of the product. The idea was to have an integration between WordPress and Open edX. WordPress would act as the content management system while Open edX would function as the learning management system. Both systems, coupled … Read more