How I took my WordPress website from 40 to 97 in page speed optimization

I have always liked fast software. I switched away from VS Code simply because I was faster than VS Code. Coincidentally, that’s the same reason users don’t stay on websites. As Casey Muratori highlighted in his Substack, businesses sacrifice both time and money to improve the performance of their software. They realize that faster software … Read more

CORS – Cross-Origin Communication in the Modern Web

So here is a situation you’re in. You just built a really cool blogging app using the latest and greatest JavaScript framework. You scaffold the application using Nuxt.js, build the components using Vue.js and use Vuex for state management. On the back-end side, you create an API using Node.js, FeathersJS and Express. Your back-end serves … Read more

Starting with JavaScript

“The World’s Most Misunderstood Programming Language” – Douglas Crockford That was the sentence that got me into JavaScript. I still believe that Crockford’s introduction to JavaScript is the most accurate definition of the language. It was about my 3rd year in university that I decided I wanted to learn a programming language that would let … Read more

Debugging Python without an IDE – pdb

Click here for the sequel of this post Most of my work at Arbisoft involves developing and debugging custom features for Open edX based systems. Most of my colleagues here prefer to use PyCharm as their default IDE and editor. PyCharm is among the best Python development tools out there, however, I prefer to use Sublime … Read more

Promises in JavaScript – What, Why and How?

For a long time I had put off learning about promises in JavaScript. I had heard that they were an alternative to callbacks i.e. they were used to manage asynchronous function calls in JavaScript. The first Node.js based app that I worked on was NodeBB and since it used callbacks I didn’t think that I … Read more